Forshaga is a small, quiet town, suitable for any type of person. Stores with all products of first need, doctors' offices, and even a veterinarian for the beloved little ones - they are all within reach. There is also a school just 500 meters from the hotel, so parents do not have to deal with the usual anxiety about the whereabouts of their children. We know how scary that can be sometimes. For those who own a vehicle or intend to do so, there is also a large parking area on the right side of the hotel. The hotel itself consists of 2 floors and 17 rooms, some of which even have sanitary facilities. If not, there is a bathroom on each floor. The rooms are of different sizes, so they are more than suitable for families who are inseparable, as well as for those who just want to stay together. They are fully furnished (or will be) and in most, you will also find a working TV. Between the floors, there is an open, well-equipped, and functional kitchen, which is available to all residents of the hotel. The dining room is large enough for whole families to sit together and enjoy a meal. It is also divided into two areas. So if you prefer to sit in a quiet corner - we have taken care of that too. We want you to feel at home and comfortable. There is also a small living room on the first floor if you want to read, relax or just spend time with others. On the main level, we have a large living room that you can use as a... We have big plans and just let us surprise you:).

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66732, Forshaga
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