One bedroom and a livingroom

I live 300 km northwest of Stockholm, 4 hours by train. Orsa where I live is a small county with 7000 inhabitants. My house is located in a village 4 km southwest of the center of the county where there are a few shops. There are more shops in Mora, 15 km by bus to the south of Orsa. If you want to live in my house for some time you get a bedroom and a living room to use on your own. The rooms are on the upper floor and you get your own refrigerator and microwave oven but you have to share kitchen with me and bathroom with me. There is a large garden and there is a nice view towards the north. You can also use my living room downstairs and there is also the washing machine I am a retired woman living in the house together with four cats. Five minutes walk to the bus stop but just a few buses per day. I go by car to do my shopping. My house in i the middle of the arial view, no 341. One adult and one child can stay in my house if you share the bedroom. In 2008 I spent two weeks of vacation in Ukraine. I went by boat from Kiev to Odessa. I had a good time in Ukraine but I do not speak your language but I do know most of your alphabet. I speak English quite fluentliy.

Offer #:
79492, Orsa