Small appartment in the countryside

Who we are: Older married couple with 2 grown up kids that have moved out. Location: Sweden​​,​​ outside the small town Nora​​,​​ 220km west of Stockholm​​,​​ Sweden. We speak: Swedish​​,​​ English and google translate. Time: As long as needed if it works well. Transport: There are unfortunatley not more then 2 busses ​​/​​day​​,​​ one in the morning and one in the evening to get to the nearest small town Nora ( approx. 10 000 inhabitants )​​,​​ from there you can take a bus further to the larger town Örebro (approx. 170 000 inhabitants). We both work more or less full time but can off course help with transport when we have time​​,​​ we are often in both Nora and Örebro and you are welcome to travel with us there. Accomodation: 1 adult with 1-2 children or 2 adults in small appartment 44m2 in a side house on our farm​​,​​ we have some horses and a dog. Appartment have toilett​​,​​bathroom​​,​​ kitchen and 2 separate beds and sofa that can be made as bed. WiFi: Free high speed WiFi.

Offer #:
71393, Nora