It was serious proposal: I moved in next day

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Nadiya arrived in Sweden on March 24. Behind her a month of war. Ahead, an uncertain future. She went to Sweden, because of her good memories of the country from previous tourist trips. So, when the question of finding shelter arose, she didn’t hesitate. “I’m going to Sweden”, she decided.

For 10 hours Nadiya and her friends crossed the Ukraine-Poland border through Rava Ruska border crossing point. Then through Warsaw and Gdansk, where she took a plane to Stockholm. The migration service settled her for a few days in a refugee hostel, then in a temporary housing at a school. There Nadiya met volunteers from Haninge Kommune who guided Nadiya to Swedes for Ukraine.

Nadiya wished to stay in Stockholm, so she looked for houses there. A few days after registration, Nadiya received a call from the owner of the apartment she had applied for. She almost didn’t believe it to be a serious proposal, but agreed to meet the host, and the next day they met. It was a warm and emotional meeting, with hugs and smiles, and a wonderful apartment, in which Nadiya could move in to that day. They discussed the details and household issues, and everything just fell into place very naturally.

Today Nadiya lives and works in Stockholm. With the support she received through Swedes for Ukraine, she is creating a new life in a new country. Every day she rejoices in her choice and marvels at the kindness and compassion of all Swedes around her both at home and at work. Nadiya does not feel like a refugee in Sweden. Everyone treats her with so much respect and allows her to feel like a part of the Swedish society. which she is incredibly grateful for.

Nadiya remembers with sadness how she crossed the border and looked with tears at the thousands of children, who were taken out of Ukraine by their mothers, at the elderly people who had never lived abroad, and now, because of the war, were forced to leave their native homes. But she looks at the future with hope, feeling the support from Sweden and its people.