To rent accommodation in Sweden, you must meet the following requirements:

  • be over 18 years old;
  • have a Personnummer or Samordningsnummer;
  • have an income and documents that can confirm it.

Steps you need to take:

  1. Apply to the Swedish Migration Agency and get an LMA card – the identity card of a person in need of protection under the EU Directive. Acquiring this status gives you the right to live and work in Sweden for the period stipulated by the Directive. More details:
  2. Get a Samordningsnummer – a number issued by the Swedish Tax Authority. You can apply for it at one of the nearest Service Centers:
  3. You must provide documents to prove your income, employment contract, and salary details.

Considered as income can be:

  • salary;
  • pension;
  • scholarship for study.

NOT considered as income:

  • payments for children;
  • maintenance support.

Income estimats according to the current industry standard, which stipulates that rental expenses should be approximately 1/3 of total income. That means the net monthly income must meet at least two (2) monthly rental payments. If the income does not meet this condition, you can use the help of a guarantor.

It is also worth paying attention to the recommendation regarding the number of people (adults and children) who can live in the apartment:

  • 1 room and a kitchen: max 2 people;
  • 2 rooms and a kitchen: max 3 people;
  • 3 rooms and a kitchen: max 5 people;
  • 4 rooms and a kitchen: max 6 people;
  • 5 rooms and a kitchen or more: max 8 people.

You can find apartments for rent and apply for them by yourself here:



For additional help and advice, please, contact personal assistant: