We do this with humility and we are not the heroes here

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Before the Ukrainian-russian war we have of course supported help organizations with money before, but never hosted people from other countries. But after this war started my wife and I decided to do something in order to help Ukraine immediately.

We are a catholic family, and the catholic help organization Caritas asked for homes to host Ukrainian refugees. We thought this was a good idea, especially since our children don’t live with us any longer and there is enough room for having guests. Downstairs in our house, we have a renovated and furnished part with a separate entrance. We installed a mini kitchen and a bathroom with a washing machine and were now ready to open our doors for good people.

First, we offered our place to Caritas, but to increase the search area for Ukrainians in need of help we also looked for other sources. Like the women’s organization Soroptimist and Swedes for Ukraine. The last one became the place where we found our Ukrainian family – Tatyana and her son Timur. We are very glad to have them living with us. They are so helpful and polite, and they are really good ambassadors for the Ukrainian people.

We feel fortunate and blessed to have been given the opportunity to help and make some difference. Even though it is a very small contribution from our side, not at all compared to the sacrifices the Ukrainians are showing the world at this moment, we are happy to help. And what I want to underline is that we do this with humility and that we are not the heroes here. The Ukrainians are. 

Bengt from Örebro